School of Arts and Technology

School of Arts and Technology

Character Education

Here at Laurel we are part of the Positive Behavior and Intervention Support (PBIS) system. This is a school wide system that focuses on and rewards the positive behaviors of the students and the staff and works to build a safe, consistent environment where everyone can grow and succeed.

To help promote positive behavior, students can earn “paws” for making good choices.  Each classroom has designed their own reward system for students once they earn a specific number of individual paws.  To name a few, students can earn prizes from a treasure box, sit next to a friend, have lunch with the teacher, or earn extra recess for their class.  Ask your child about the paws they’ve earned today!   

As well as earning individual paws, students work together to earn Class Paws.  Class Paws are distributed by Laurel staff to classrooms that follow the ROAR code.  Similar to individual paws, classes earn rewards as well.  For example, once a classroom earns 20 Class Paws their classroom will receive new playground equipment to take outside to recess.  Then, once a classroom earns 50 paws, each child in the class receives a new Laurel t-shirt.  This year, to embrace our Arts and Technology roots, our t-shirt will be designed by one of our very own Laurel students!  Students will continue to earn class rewards as determined by their teachers as the year goes on. 

At Laurel we have identified four (4) school-wide rules/expectations that have become our ROAR code:

Own my behavior

In addition we have also identified nine (9) character traits that we feel exemplify the ROAR code:

Respect: Treating others as you want to be treated

Integrity: Knowing what is right and wrong, and doing what is right

Responsibility: Being accountable for your own behavior and learning

Citizenship: Working together, despite differences, to make our school, community, and country a better place to live and learn

Honesty: Being truthful in words and actions

Kindness: Showing concern for the well being of others

Self-discipline: Being responsible for controlling one’s words, actions and reactions

Perseverance: Staying with a task and not giving up

Courage: To face a challenge without fear, having the determination to do the right thing even when others don’t

The PBIS committee recognizes the efforts of students throughout the year by the following activities along with the Paws.  Laurel students are “Pawsitively” Proud! 


To reinforce the Character Traits, students have the ability to earn recognition at our Laurel Star assemblies that are held once a quarter.  Students are chosen to be a Laurel Star by going above and beyond showing ROAR behavior.  These are students who work really hard every day to demonstrate each character trait.  Students who are chosen will be recognized at the all school assembly and will receive a Laurel Paw magnet.  Students and their families will also be invited to attend a brief celebration with yummy snacks immediately after the assembly.   


Lenny is our school’s mascot and he loves being with kids.  He joins us at every school-wide assembly to see which class is showing the best behavior (sitting quietly, listening and being respectful to others in their class.)  The class that Lenny chooses will get to have Lenny be a part of their classroom until the next assembly.   Lenny will also bring a special surprise with him when he joins you in your classroom.  Remember, Lenny will be watching and listening to see which class he’ll go to next!