Laurel Elementary

School of Arts & Technology


Fundraising Projects at Laurel

The PTO has intentionally redirected our fundraising efforts from many small-events and activities (e.g. selling candy bars) to a main wellness-based event every spring that seeks to involve all students and parents. Laps for Laurel is a walk-and-run-a-thon that challenges students to raise as much money as they can from their family and friends, while challenging themselves to have fun and push their personal limits during this fitness-based activity.

A School-wide Fall Carnival raises money for individual grades and classrooms throughout the school.  PTO coordinates, but the majority of the funds rasied by selling tickets for the fun booths and games goes back to the classrooms directly.

PTO also hosts some additional events that can raise money that comes back to Laurel.  One is a Barnes & Noble Event in which a parcentage of purchases made at the store are given back to Laurel!  It's usually around the holidays, accompanied by some student performaces!

PTO also hosts a Fundraising Night at Noodles & Co. prior to the Laps for Laurel Event.  Get your "carb-load" prior to the walk-and-run event and a percentage of the funds get back to Laurel.

We also participate in some "Collection" type fundraisers.  Bring in your clippings and caps to raise money for Laurel.  This includes:

*Box Tops for Education (found on many grocery store products)

*Campbells "Labels for Education" (found on Campbells Soup and many other products)

*Morning Fresh Dairy Caps

*My Coke Rewards (Coke product caps, including Desani water and Powerade.  Also codes in the 12-pk and larger packages.)