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Parent Teacher Organization (PTO):  Laurel’s PTO is a great way to connect with the Laurel community, to get to know our principal, teachers and other parents, and to provide support for the school. PTO meetings allow you to stay up to date on school happenings and the chance to voice ideas and concerns. Finally, through its fundraisers, our PTO provides financial support for programs and projects that directly benefit the school.  We invite you to attend Laurel’s monthly PTO meetings. We meet the 2nd Thursday of every month at school from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. Our meeting agendas include: discussion and planning for upcoming events, allocation of PTO funds, meeting a different group of teachers each month, and an address from our principal. 

Monthly, 2nd Thursday, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

Contact: Lisa Cunningham (PTO President),

Fall Carnival: Held late October, this fun-filled event gives students a chance to dress up in costume if they wish and enjoy fun games. Each grade runs a booth, and parents are needed to help run booths and sell tickets.

Late in the month of October each school year

Contact: Lisa Cunningham (PTO President),

Teacher Appreciation: In May, we have the opportunity to let our teachers and staff know how much we appreciate all they do.  We hold a picnic where we ask parents to donate food.  There is also a raffle of items and services donated by parents. Also during Parent/Teacher conference weeks, we provide dinner to relieve the stress during those long days.  Do you have a favorite crockpot soup or entree that you could make?  The appreciation from the teachers and staff is mutual!

Late in the month of May each school year

Contact – May Picnic: Lisa Cunningham (PTO President),


Wellness Committee: The Laurel Wellness Committee provides a variety of wellness events, activities, and educational resources to encourage the physical and mental health of children, families, staff, and the greater Laurel community. Main events include the Annual Fall Family Wellness Fair, 'Pick a Better Snack' program and supporting the Laps for Laurel Fitness-based Fundraiser.

Monthly, 1st Monday 4:00-5:00pm

Contact: Emily Anderson (Kindergarten Teacher),

Bike & Walk to School Program: Laurel is excited to be developing an aggressive Bike & Walk to School Program under the Safe Routes to School Program supported by the City. Activities include bike safety education, an after-school bike club in the spring, Walkin’ & Wheelin’ Wednesdays, Bike “Trains” and “Walking School Bus” programs. There are two big annual Bike & Walk to School Day events.

Wednesdays AM & PM weekly & Event frequency/times vary

Contact: Emily Anderson (Kindergarten Teacher),

Wellness Fair: The Laurel Family Fall Wellness Fair is an annual school-based event designed to encourage the Laurel School community to live a healthy, active lifestyle by providing a variety of interactive wellness activities, educational resources, and exhibits.

September each school year

Contact: Emily Anderson (Kindergarten Teacher),

Laps for Laurel: This is our school’s main fundraiser. Held in late April, the event gives all students and staff the opportunity to get outside and run or walk for 30 minutes. Students ask friends and family to sponsor them in this fun and healthy event. Parent volunteers are needed to help run the event, distribute snacks and cheer on our runners.

Late in the month of April each school year

Contact: April Walden (PTO President),


Violin & Mandolin Program: Over 170 students at Laurel receive free Suzuki method violin instruction both during and outside the school day. Volunteers help with instruction, performances and tuning, during or after school.  

Volunteer opportunities throughout every school day and after school

Performance Events - frequency/times vary

Contact: Lydia Demi-Smith (Violin Instructor),

Lynx Singers: The Laurel Elementary School Choir (the Lynx Singers) is a special before-school choir program for our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.. Any child, in the appropriate grade, is invited and encouraged to join.

Contact: Molly Kelly (Music Teacher), 

Math Olympiad: Math Olympiad is part of Laurel's Gifted and Talented program. Our goal is to stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics while introducing important mathematical concepts and major strategies for solving problems that inspire creative and ingenuity in the students.  Students are involved through test scores and Teacher recommendation.

Wednesday mornings 8:00-9:00am

Contact: Kathy Nielsen (Gifted and Talented Coordinator),

Lego Robotics: Lego Robotics is growing movement nationwide to advance math, science and pre-engineering skills while providing a fun problem-solving project that students work on all fall semester long, culminating in a regional competition. The time commitment and expectations for students to be on the Laurel Team are very high.  Teams are determined at the end of the current school year for the next year.  Volunteers will be helpful for many tasks in preparation for competition.  

Meeting frequency and time varies

Contact: Doug Whitman (Parent),

Chessmates:  Chess Mate’s goal is to teach strategy, sportsmanship and character through the game of chess. A new lesson is taught at weekly classes. Lessons cover chess history, problem solving, tournament play, pattern recognition and much more. With guidance and supervision from coaches, students get to practice their skills by playing one another during the latter part of the class. Any student with a basic understanding of chess is welcome and volunteer support is needed.

Thursday mornings 8:00-9:00am

Contact: Kathy Nielsen ,

Kids Care Club: Kids Care Club is Laurel's Student Council. 4th and 5th Grade students are eligible to participate. Students choose and coordinate activities throughout the school year that promote community at our school and support local charitable efforts. Kids Care Club is fun.

Meeting times TBD

Contact: Sue Simmons (Kindergarten Teacher),