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Laurel Lynx Volunteers

šLaurel Lynx Volunteers is an informally organized partnership of involved parents, teachers,and administrators who work together for the betterment of the school. The Laurel Lynx Volunteers' objectives include Outreach and Communication, Fundraising and Events,and Teacher Appreciation. The Laurel Lynx Volunteers' annual budget is around $20,000, the bulk of which is invested back into the school. Please visit the Laurel Laurel Lynx Volunteers website for more information, including a calendar.

šOrganizational Design
šAny parent may join the Laurel Lynx Volunteers at any time and all meetings are open for parents to attend. The Laurel Lynx Volunteers is organized around outcomes and each outcome team meets as appropriate to its goals.
  • šOutreach and Communication: Helps build a welcoming environment at Laurel, spreads the word about Laurel events and volunteer opportunities including website and social media, and seeks to increase community and participation from all the Laurel families.
  • šFundraising/Events: Raises money for school programs and projects, primarily through Laps for Laurel. Also organizes Fall Carnival and Barnes & Noble Book Fair. Seeks outside funding and donor opportunities. This team funds the Laurel Lynx Volunteers' annual budget, the bulk of which is invested back into the school via the annual Grant process.
  • šTeacher Appreciation: Helps make teachers feel appreciated, supported, and connected to the community. Team sponsors teacher wish lists, individual teacher support, teacher gifts, teacher luncheons, and classroom volunteer needs.
  • šAdmin/Grants: Effectively manages Laurel Lynx Volunteers operations and grant funds distribution. Conducts three competitive grant cycles per year, manages budgets, runs quarterly meetings.
šGetting Involved
šQuick Start: Join the Laurel Lynx Volunteers email list, attend a grant review meeting (timing and location is emailed) or a Team Meeting (timing and location on Laurel Lynx Volunteers Calendar), and come to the holiday party (timing and location is emailed).
šWhen you can, however you can:
  • šLaurel Lynx Volunteers Management – Administration and coordination of Laurel Lynx Volunteers grants, resources, and teams
  • šLaurel Lynx Volunteers Team Leadership – Coordinate the team on the objectives and tasks, including annual goal setting, meeting cadence, and communication.
  • šLaurel Lynx Volunteers Team Member – Attend team meetings, help establish annual goals and tasks, lead team-specific events.
  • šLaurel Lynx Volunteers Team Contributor – Be on the short-list of team supporters who volunteer or contribute to team-specific events.
  • šGeneralist – Watch the Laurel Lynx Volunteers emails for opportunities to engage and volunteer.
š(some) PTO Events and Participation
  • šIce Cream Social – the Friday before school starts, when class lists are posted.
  • šBack to School Night – Meet the teachers, drop off school supplies and reconnect with friends after the long summer.
  • šGrant Cycle I – First Grant Cycle. The principal attends the grant cycle meetings and provides updates about school enrollment numbers, test scores, budgets, and staffing.
  • šLaps for Laurel – the primary fundraising event. See the Laps for Laurel site for more detail.
  • šFall Carnival – a fun night of costumes and games.
  • šGrant Cycle II – Second Grant Cycle.
  • šBarnes and Noble Book Fair – raises money to purchase new books for Laurel’s media center.
  • šHoliday Party – a “no kids” event for PTO (all welcome) and Laurel staff
  • šGrant Cycle III – Third Grant Cycle
  • šLaurel Lynx Volunteers Annual Planning Meeting – review and direction setting for the PTO and the Outcome Teams.
  • šStaff Appreciation Luncheon – end of year staff luncheon and gift exchange
šLaurel Lynx Volunteers​ Grants
šPTO Grant requests can be submitted by any interested party: a teacher, a parent, a student, a staff member. Grant requests are scored by all attendees of the Grant Review meetings using a rubric. Grants are awarded by score as funds will allow.

Grant Program Guidelines

Online Laurel Lynx Volunteers Grant Form

Grant Rubric

Grant Score Card

Laurel Laurel Volunteers  Reimbursement Form

Information about Laps for Laurel