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School of Arts and Technology

Laps for Laurel

Laps for Laurel 

Laps for Laurel is the main fundraising event for our school, Laurel Elementary School of Arts and Technology. The event allows students to raise money while promoting health and wellness.

Each fall, the Laurel student body and staff have the chance to get outside and run or walk laps around the school in a fun-filled, music-enhanced environment.  Students ask friends and family to sponsor their participation. Students earn prizes for the pledges collected.  There are also prizes for the classes in each grade that run the most laps.  Every year, we find that this high energy event inspires our 500 participants and volunteers alike. 

Over the thirteen-year history of Laps for Laurel, our students have raised nearly $214,000 with more than 95% of the profits benefiting Laurel students and staff.  $2,000 each year directly supporting health and fitness at Laurel. The remaining funds are made available to teachers through a grant process, held three times annually.

In the past, the funds have purchased books; literacy, math and innovative technology tools; field trips; classroom aids; school yearbook subsidies; live performances for the students; and school infrastructure.  In the fall of 2019, the school earned $21,000.00 in student-raised pledges.  

Laps for Laurel would like to thank the following 2019 sponsors:

  • Toddy

  • Colorado Peaks Cleaning

  • Pediatric Dentistry of the Rockies

  • Holmes Dental

  • FOCO Kids Dentistry

  • Gnar Runners - Longview Marathon

  • All the teachers, staff members and volunteers that make it possible

If you would like to help with future school events please register to sign up here

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