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School of Arts and Technology

Jump Rope for Heart

Jump Rope For Heart (JRFH) is a national fundraising program and is a valuable program that promotes physical activity, heart healthy living, and community service to children.  JRFH is targeted at students in elementary schools, but anyone can hold a program at their school, child care center, community center, or anywhere!

Jump Rope For Heart...

    Is a fun event!

    Promotes community service

    Is an educational program for elementary school students

    Raises money to fund lifesaving research and educational programs

    Teaches students to set and achieve goals and discover that they can make a difference!

The elementary school years encompass a time when children should establish a strong foundation for movement skills. These are also the years when positive learning experiences can help establish a positive attitude and appreciation for participating in regular, daily physical activity for life. The best reason of all to join this event is that kids love it! 

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