School of Arts and Technology

School of Arts and Technology


Fundraising Projects at Laurel

The PTO has intentionally redirected our fundraising efforts from many small-events and activities (e.g. selling candy bars) to a main wellness-based event every spring that seeks to involve all students and parents. Laps for Laurel is a walk-and-run-a-thon that challenges students to raise as much money as they can from their family and friends, while challenging themselves to have fun and push their personal limits during this fitness-based activity. 

We also participate in some "Collection" type fundraisers.  Bring in your milk caps and connect your King Soopers card to raise money for Laurel. 

*Morning Fresh Dairy Caps - there's a collection bucket in the front office

*King Soopers - CLICK HERE to link your King Soopers card to Laurel's PTO!  Every time you buy groceries, a small portion gets donated back to our school! Easy!

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