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School of Arts and Technology

Music & Choir


Students in every grade come to music class once a week for 45 minutes. My primary purpose in the classroom is to create a learning environment where it is safe to take risks, to try something new, to puzzle out something, and to use our varied creative gifts! I teach using primarily the philosophy of Education Through Music, which emphasizes regard for others, curiosity, and student directed learning through fun song-games.


Students learn to play barred Orff instruments in every grade (xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels), recorders in 4th grade, and guitar and pBone (trombone) in 5th grade. Laurel also has an amazing inventory of drums, percussion, and ukuleles, which students use in music class.


Every grade has one performance each year:

5th Grade: November

1st & 3rd Grades: December

2nd & 4th Grades: March

Kinder: April

Exact dates and information will be forthcoming!


For more detail on what is happening in your child’s music class, check out my website:



Laurel Lynx choir is open to all interested 4th and 5th grade students. Students learn to sing 2-part music as well as refine their unison singing. Choir will be offered as part of Laurel’s afterschool program, PSD After 3 during the fall term only.

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