Laurel Elementary

School of Arts & Technology

About Us

Welcome to Laurel Elementary School of Arts & Technology!

Walking around the Laurel campus, you will notice the diversity of students learning and playing together. Over 400 students come from a range of socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds that provide a unique educational environment. Some of our students have physical or learning disabilities, some second language learners, and some are identified as gifted and blended. You will see all students thriving with the support of their teachers, classmates, and volunteers. You are welcome to attend one of Laurel's Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) monthly meetings. Our PTO has over 40 active members who provide hundreds of volunteer hours at school, and raise funds that go directly into the classrooms.

At Laurel, you will observe teachers' sensitivity to multiple intelligences and tailored instruction to accommodate each student.  Among our 32 certified teachers, 66% have a Masters or PhD, with an average of 10 years teaching experience. Kindergarten through 3rd grade class sizes average 20 students, and 4th and 5th grades average 23 students. Laurel also receives a federal grant that funds schools four school-wide teachers who provide focused instruction for students that need more intervention or more academic challenge.