School of Arts and Technology

School of Arts and Technology

Morning News Program

At Laurel, the morning news airs "live" every day.  Two student anchors and one student cameraperson film the news every morning before school starts.  The news is made up of the following segments:

  • Daily Segments
    • Motivation Monday - Sharing Quality Quotes from books
    • Tolerance Tuesday - Highlighting the S.E.L. focus for the week
    • Wellness Wednesday - Lynxercise and healthy habits from Mrs. Rittner
    • Thankful Thursday - Learn about a staff member and thank them for being a lynx!
    • Fabulous Friday - Announce Weekly Paw Winners or Lynx In Action Slideshow
  • Weather Forecast
  • Lunch and Breakfast Options
  • Celebrations
  • Where's My Stuff? (Lost and Found items)
  • Trivia Time!

Click on the links below to watch the news each day

Monday: Memorial Day - No School

Tuesday: 5.28.24 mini

Wednesday: 5.29.24

Thursday: 5.30.24 Last Episode! (with 5th Slideshow)

Friday: 5.17.24 (no school for students on 5.24)

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