School of Arts and Technology

School of Arts and Technology

Title I

Laurel Elementary has a School-wide Title I Program.

What is a School-wide Program? School-wide is an alternative use of federal funds focusing on learning needs of all students. The school-wide option enables schools to integrate programs, strategies, and resources to support high quality education for all students. The law specifically allows our school to:

  • Use Title I funds to upgrade the school's entire educational programs
  • Use Title I funds to serve any and all students at the school
  • Combine Title I funds with other federal, state, and local resources to upgrade the entire school program and to help ALL students meet the state's challenging standards
  • have school-wide programs which focus on the needs of students by ensuring that every student succeeds

No two are alike, but the best are:

  • Driven by rigorous standards for upgrading the instructional program of the entire school
  • Flexible, offering a high-quality curriculum geared to bringing students to the challenging levels of knowledge set for them
  • Comprehensively planned, using available federal program resources to support cohesive instruction
  • Results-oriented, increasing the achievement of children in the targeted groups that federal education programs were intended to serve

Under Title I of the 1994 re-authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), participating schools serving 50% of students from low-income families can become school-wide programs to expand the flexibility and quality of the education they offer students.

Key Features of Successful School-wide Programs:

  • An agreed-upon vision for all students, based on higher academic standards and adequate designs and plans to implement the vision
  • A clear focus on academic achievement
  • Extended planning and collaborative program design
  • A well-defined organization and management structure
  • A strong professional community
  • Cultural inclusiveness
  • Parent and community involvement
  • Evidence of school and student success
  • School-wide Project Components
  • Provide opportunities for ALL CHILDREN
  • Effective means of improving achievement
  • Effective instructional strategies
  • Increase the amount and quality of learning time
  • Help provide an enriched and accelerated curriculum
  • Meet the educational needs of historically and under served populations
  • Address the needs of ALL CHILDREN
  • Designed to implement local improvement plans