School of Arts and Technology

School of Arts and Technology

Visual Arts

Hello, I’m Ms. Tenpenny! Once a week, students get to visit the art room to experiment and create visual products. My goal in the classroom is to encourage students to be independent thinkers and tap into their creativity. We like to take risks, have fun, and celebrate our mistakes. You never know what might happen in the art room!

Throughout the year, we talk about art history, different mediums, and how to tell stories through our art.  Students learn the techniques involved in painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpting. We learn how to make a mess and how to clean it up! We observe different artworks, invent and create our own, reflect on our creations, and connect them to the outside world.

Laurel Elementary artists participate in multiple art shows throughout the year as well as a continuous display of student creations throughout our hallways. Fourth and fifth grade students can join Art Club through our enrichment program during both the fall and spring rotations.

For a glimpse into the art room and to see some of what we’re working on, you can follow @rainbowartroom on Instagram!

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